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Makefile and Use on Existing Machine

On an existing machine, I run the following bash command, to ensure I am consistent with my playbook

Make All

make all

This target runs four other targets in series:

  • bootstrap
  • bootstrap-check
  • install
  • non-ansible

Let's go through each.

Make bootstrap

This installs several packages with apt and python packages per the requirements-ansible.txt file.

This includes Ansible, using Python3.

This also moves the file to the /etc/profile.d/ folder as described above.

The yarn roles does a similar operation, except with Ansible instead of bash.

Make bootstrap-check

This is to confirm both the ansible and psutil Python3 packages are installed and on the $PATH.

If the pip installation falls back to using the --user flag, packages will be located in the following directory under $HOME:

Goal: export PATH="$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH" without duplication!


addToPATH() {
  case ":$PATH:" in
    *":$1:"*) :;; # already there
    *) PATH="$1:$PATH";; # or PATH="$PATH:$1"

# Important for python pip packages installed with --user
addToPATH "$HOME/.local/bin"

make bootstrap will set this up for you!

Source: duplicate-entries-in-path-a-problem

Make install

This runs the personal_computer.yml Ansible playbook.

The following two commands yield the same bash command:

make install
ansible-playbook personal_computer.yml \
-i inventory \
--ask-become-pass \
-e '{"users": [{"username": "$(shell whoami)"}]}'

Note: $(shell whoami) in a Makefile translates to $(whoami) in bash.

The "-e" is for extra variable and is from my Ansible Galaxy role iancleary/ansible-role-zsh_antibody#example-playbook

Make non-ansible

This the targets that I found easier to maintain with bash or Makefile scripts.

# configure Flameshot with gsettings to bind to PrtScr
make flameshot-keybindings

# Ubuntu 20.04 defaults
make python-three-eight-install
make python-three-eight-supporting


Naming Convention for Make Targets

make check and make install are two of the standard Makefile targets for this repo.